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Dear Parents,

Our class pet is back! Hamster is back in the classroom so now its our responsibility to keep him in a safe and happy environment and what better way to keep him safe but to give him the proper nutrition. Little did the kids know that this week we focused our Pet unit on pet food.

On Monday we started talking about the different types of animals and what they like to eat. Are they carnivores, omnivores or herbivores? Little by little they began to understand the differences when they started to look at the food they eat. Hamster is a herbivore so it is very important to give him the right nutrition to keep him strong and healthy.

As the talks kept on going about this fascinating topic, our kids kept on asking themselves, but why do all this animals like to eat different food and how can we differentiate them? With research and interrogation, our students found out that each type of animal has a different teeth depending on what they eat. They looked at the sharp teeth tiger, dogs, and other carnivore and algo the squared teeth herbivores such as giraffes and cows have.

As the week go on we will narrow down our study into the importance of taking care of pets. I hope you enjoy everything that we have done this week!

Morning Discussion

If You're a Kid [Animal Remix] (song for kids about animal sounds & movements)
Hickory Dickory Dock | Super Simple Songs

Does our classroom pet have teeth?

One of the ways that you can identify of an animal is a herbivore, carnivore, or a omnivore is by looking at their teeth so we started by asking our kids if our classroom pet has teeth.

How many times a day does our classroom pet eat?

Every day feed our classroom pet in the morning. That doesn't mean that he only eats once a day. We asked our students to write down in a post-it how many times they thought our classroom pet ate in one day. It is amazing to see how much progress they have made with their writing skills.

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Pink Shirt Day

ISP will once again be celebrating Pink Shirt Day in Panama on Wednesday May 4th.This is an initiative that started in Canada and is now celebrated internationally. It's objective is to unite people against bullying and bullying behaviors. In 2015, a former ISP student, Rosa Parks, helped to launch Pink Shirt Day in Panama by creating an NGO (non-governmental organization) that will serve to educate school communities in Panama about bullying. Her organization is working with a team of psychologists that volunteer and meet with various members of the school community to educate them on this pertinent topic.

Please send your children wearing something PINK on Wednesday as we unite to stop bullying.

The Story of Pink Shirt Day