Digital Citizenship Project

Peter Surette P.5

Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship is the basic rules of how to behave on the internet and what to avoid. It is necessary to learn this because the 21st century is the most technologically advanced time zone ever. So what good would it be if we all went around cursing and making inappropriate text on the internet because we cant do it in the real world? If you think there is no consequences in the real world because its just a machine that your on, your wrong. The consequences in the tech world are just as bad as the ones in the real world. So always follow Digital Citizenship in the tech world if you want to stay safe and trouble free in the real world.

Rule: 1 Netiquitte

When you're on the internet be kind and don't start fights-when your on the internet there may be bullies, there just trying to make you fight, so ignore them.

Rule: 2 information privacy

Never give away personal information on the internet-If you give away your info you are giving away your whole life to the internet. Everything you have ever done with your mobile devices is in your info.

Rule: 3 social networking

Don't share anything on the internet that you don't want others to see- your future bosses and colleges look up your everything on the internet, and see all your post.

Rule: 4 Online safety

Don't trust unreliable resources on the internet- there is a thing called craap, and no I did not misspell that. It is the rules that a website or you should follow to make sure its reliable.

Rule: 5 cyberbullying

Don't ever make mean comments towards some body-If you start an online fight with somebody and it leads to more serious stuff like stalking and murder there is only one person to blame and that is you.

Rule: 6 copyright

Make sure you check for a license before you use something for material on a project or anything else-that was an explanation in itself.

rule:7 Plagiarism

3 words:Never Do It- this is a serious crime and is easily punishable