Have You Ever Heard of Gandhi?

by,Caleb Boggess

Imagine this, you are an Indian that has to go to England, but the conductor wouldn't let you on the train. Do you think thats fair?

Gandhi's Life

When Gandhi was born in 1896, he wanted to treat people respectfuly and make the world happy.His family told him that he has to go to England to study law.When he ask the conductor to go on the train to England he refused because he was Indian.He had to travel by boat to England.

Gandhi in 1897

When Gandhi was older, he started to do unpaid chores and boarders to the exterior.In 1906, he became celibat after having four sons.He also became known as the leader of the "Indian National Congress".The Satyagratha regained one of the most potential philosophies.He led a land mark 320km/200mi march to the sea!

Gandhi is Popular

Gandhi passed many villges, and more people joined him in the march.More and more people started to join him . After the march, he was jailed for conspiracy in 1919.In 1931, he was released from prison, and he attended the London Round Confrence. In 1947, he got involved in the Cabenit Mission wich recommended the new constitutional structure. In 1947, he tried to stop the Hindu Muslim conflict of Bengal,

Gandhi's End

In 1949, he was killed by the gun to the head from one of his people who followed him during the march.His prime minister spoke in his funeral. 2007, United Nation made the International Day of Nonviolence.People thanked Gandhi for his time traveling to the sea.


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