From Wheat To Bread

By Ben Sauer


Do you like hotdog? Do you put it on a bun? A buns are bread. if you do read this.


A farmer plants seeds sunlight and water helps it grow.The plants are brown now. It is cut to wheat big trucks take it to the factory.


At the factory a big machine crushes it into flower.Then it is put into bags. it is mix to

dough. The dough goes to a bowl. It is shaped to loaves. Then it goes to the store.


it goes to a big truck it-gets to the people fast.The people like the fresh bread.

Fun Facts

Bread can be eaten at breakfast lunch and dinner. A machine can cut 120 loaves in 1 min. The bread baked at 150. The can grow up to 2000lb.


So if you eat hotdogs think about how it is made.
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