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November 13, 2015

Grandparents, Characters, and Word Study

What a special Friday afternoon we had at Camp Can Do! We spent time with our grandparents and special guests sharing memories, working word puzzles, taking selfies, listening to a great story Something From Nothing, touring Hinkle Creek and shopping at the book fair. So many wonderful guests filling our room with conversation, laughter, and love! Thanks to all who attended!

When it comes to characters in a story, actions and words can tell us a lot! This week we worked hard reading closely in our stories to hunt out those words and actions. Together we started with Turkey Trouble and discover the turkey was a problem solver, had perseverance, was clever and smart, and was anxious and furious! Knowing these traits can help us as readers predict what will happen next in the story, compare characters in different stories, and create interesting characters in our own writing. When you are reading with your camper, you can ask what the characters in the story are like and have your camper find evidence in the words and actions of those characters. They are getting pretty good at this!

Our word study units are going well. I am excited to see the campers working to use our patterns in their daily writing and talking about how words are spelled based on the sounds. During writer's workshop as the campers are editing their work, conversations are happening about spelling and the patterns we are working with. During our morning boardwalk, hands are raised to tell about the patterns they see in our words of the day! This is our goal: The transfer of word knowledge after the practice, word building, and sorting to the daily writing we are doing. We are becoming etymologists!

Check out your camper's SeeSaw portfolio! We have new items added!

All About Math

Fact Fluency, Measurement, and PLTW

We continue with our fact fluency program and the campers are beginning to see the facts they need a little more work on. Nightly practice with the triangle cards in the zip pocket in their binder for just 10 minutes will go a long way to develop fluency and accuracy when calculating.

Measurement begins in full swing this coming week. We will begin with digging into the tools needed and their uses, ways things can be measured, and the units we use for each type of measurement.

PLTW design, testing, and data collection was quite an interesting and revealing time. The campers got a chance to test their designs, collect data with beakers, think about adjustments, and see their ice pop keeper to the end of their ice pop! Great job reflecting on the process and thinking about how to make the keepers better! You should have found your camper's notes in their take home folders this week! Many future designers in Camp Can Do!

Wow! We have had a lot of campers trying out Kakooma! During technology time, we have a real contest going on for quickest problem solver! Try it here with your camper!

Everyday Math website for great practice in fact fluency and math skills. Usernames and passwords are inside your camper's binder.

Noblesville Past Inquiry

The campers along with the rest of the second grade began an inquiry unit about our city of Noblesville last week. After creating a large KWL chart, each group of second graders began to add facts they knew about our city. We discovered we knew (the K part of the chart) a lot about the present but not much about the past. New questions began to develop and were added to the W section (what do we want to know). Mrs. Patterson made plans for Mr. Highway, the Hamilton County historian, to come and talk to us to answer our questions. He was TERRIFIC!!! He had so much information and never once looked into a book to tell us! Next we do our own research with Mrs. Patterson using her resources. We will work on building a list of characteristics of the people who founded and built Noblesville into the city it is. We will also write our opinion about our great city!

Congratulations Corner

Lots to celebrate this week!

*Cougar Crew Member: Timmy is our honesty expert! Congratulations!

*Pennies for Pages is going great! Many campers have added a few days worth of reading to our collection container! We can't wait to see what we collect at the end of our fundraiser time!

đź“…Coming Soon

Pennies for Pages continues this week.

Thanksgiving Break: November 25th- 27th