Monday Morning Message

Glen Burnie High School Social Studies Department, May 9

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Week of Interims

Good Morning,

As some of you may already know, Mr. Walker-Graham was involved in a car accident this morning and he has been admitted to the hospital as a precautionary measure. Please reach out to him and wish him well.

For those of you that have first period planning today: THANK YOU! We were thrown a number of curve balls this morning, but your flexibility and cooperation while in the middle of a very fluid situation is greatly appreciated.

If you haven't already, please e-mail your room number to Ms. Ballard if you are collecting items for refugees so her students can pick them up.

Please read through this week's updates and let me know if you have any questions.


To Mr. McCamon, Mr. Riley, Ms. Beasley, Ms. Jones, and Ms. Williams for your incredible help this morning. This department is defined by it's teachers, and you are all stellar.

Upcoming Dates

May 10-Honor Roll Assembly during 4B

May 11-Interims sent home, Instructional Debrief Meeting after school (Nilsson only)

May 23-Government HSA Exam, Senior Exams (3A and 4A)

May 24-Biology HSA Exam, Senior Exams (3B and 4B)

May 25-Senior Exams (1A and 2A)

May 26-Senior Exams (1B and 2B) Last Day for Seniors

May 30-Memorial Day (Schools Closed)

May 31-Graduation

Gopher Flex Schedule

Monday 1A

Tuesday 1B

Wednesday 2A
Thursday 2B

Friday 3A

Things to Know

1. Make sure your gradebooks are up to date for Interims going out this week!

2. Ms. Berner has sent out appointment requests for the SLO post conferences. If you can not make the appointment time she sends to you, please make sure you send her possible reschedule dates and times in your response.

3. AP Exams continue this week. Please be aware of the students on your rosters who may be missing your classes due to AP testing. Be sure to wish them well!

4. MOI is out! Make the supplies we have last, because anything additional will need to be purchased with your own funds. Scantrons have arrived!

5. Schedules and room assignments for next year are still pending approval-stay tuned!

Question for the Week

Discuss this with your content teams:

Take another look at your Interim grades now that they are being distributed. How many students are in danger of failing? What can be done in the next 5 weeks to make sure we reduce the number of failing students?


WICOR Information
Ideas to increase the “student engagement” within your classroom:
a.4 Corners b. Philosophical Chairs c. Socratic Seminars d. Minute Speeches e. Jigsaw reading with expert groups f. Collaborative study session

College and Career Information

  1. The parent fieldtrip to Goucher and UMBC was a success. Fifteen parents/guardians, myself, Quincy, and Mrs. Jacobo attended. It has hopefully become the first annual parent college trip!
  2. Another college presentation day is in the works for late May/early June by none other than our very own recent graduates - more info. will be available later this month
  3. Stay tuned for information regarding a first annual College Signing Day for seniors. Plans are being created and we’d love to hear your ideas as well.
  4. To date, 31 of 32 AVID seniors have received college acceptances. These hard working seniors have earned more than $9,000,000.00 combined in scholarship money from FAFSA, colleges, and private scholarships!

School wide Refugee Outreach Event

  1. The school-wide outreach for creating Refugee Welcome kits is coming to a close. AVID 11 students will pick up the bins on Tuesday, May 10


    during 2B.
  2. Please email me your name and room number if you have a bin for us to collect.

GBHS Mission Statement Revision Work

  1. We are getting ready to move into phase 3 of our Mission Statement revision but are still in need of student and parent input across the community. We appreciate your help in recruiting surveyors

  2. If you wish to be part of the Mission Revision, please join the AVID Site Team on May 10


    in B201 at 2:15