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Welcome to Conservancy Kids!

We are so excited to have you with us on this virtual journey of inquiry and place-based learning! Right now we may be social distancing, but we're all connected by the awesomeness of science. We're junior scientists, exploring the natural world, asking questions, and making discoveries. Join us for an adventure that will take you outdoors, around the house, and into the incredible Sonoran Desert. Welcome to Conservancy Kids! We're excited to see you!

Awesome Wildlife is All around You!

Even though nature documentaries may depict wildlife as existing only in the most remote places, you can find wildlife in your everyday life--sometimes you just have to look.
Awesome Wildlife is All around You

Remember those Gila monsters?

Luke and Nicole got to see a Gila monster out in the wild! Gila monsters spend up to 80% underground, so this was a special day for us both. Were we out in the middle of nowhere? Nope! We were hiking an easily accessible trail in the McDowell Sonoran Preserve.
I Spy a Gila Monster!

A Sneaky Snake

Jakki found this night snake right in her Phoenix home. Night snakes, while venomous, pose no threat to humans. They are active during dawn, dusk, and at night, usually between April to October. Always be careful with any wildlife that accidentally makes their way into your home, but remember they would rather be outside in their natural environment. If you can, safely remove the animal from your house and let them roam free back in the wild.
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That Buzz? It's the Bees!

Bees! They make honey, look adorable, and ensure our plants get pollinated! Anywhere there are flowers, you'll probably find bees. Debbie in Scottsdale filmed this short video of bees frolicking around her neighborhood.
I Spy Bees!

Hooo's That?

The Great Horned Owl is an incredible nocturnal bird that calls the Sonoran Desert, in addition to most of North America, home. These owls usually mate for life and are territorial, becoming incredibly vigilant in the winter before they lay their eggs in the spring. Lynne Russell captured this owl right outside her home in Scottsdale.
Great Horned Owl


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Luke Challis, Program Manager

Luke loves science and being out and about in nature! He studies a lot about biology, ways of thinking, and philosophy. Luke also loves to teach and encourage kids and adults to always keep learning.

Nicole Kallman, Education Coordinator

Nicole loves science and exploration. In college, she studied physics and biology. Now, she shares her excitement about science with others, encouraging everyone to follow in the footsteps of Miss Frizzle: "take chances, make mistakes, and get messy!"