Franklin D. Roosevelt

Caroline v.


Franklin D. Roosevelt gave people hope and courage during hard times.Many people think that he was the greatest President in our Nation. I really think that he was the greatest President in our Nation.Mr. Roosevelt was a diligent man even though he had a disability. FDR was an amazing leader.

Early Life

Franklin D. Roosevelt did amazing things in his early life. Roosevelt was born in Hyde Park, New York. His family was very wealthy and he was an only child. F.D.R went to a boarding school when he was the age of 14. And he was an amazing leader to everyone.Then at the age of 16 he became the head of the baseball team. I think F.D.R was a great leader.

Personal Challenges

Roosevelt fought a lot of health problems.In 1921 Roosevelt was diagnosed with polio. Polio is a horrible disease that some people get. But after the age of 39 he couldn't walk. After all of that hard work Roosevelt walk a few steps with crutches or by leaning on other people. In 1924 Roosevelt visited Warm Springs Georgia to have treatment on his polio. Roosevelt returned so many times he liked it so much he built a house there. Just because of all of F.D.R 's disabilities he never gave up.


Roosevelt had lots of good contributions in his life. F.D.R started a program called "The Fire Side Chats." When the New Deal program was going so was the Great Depression. The new deal program helped start many new jobs. Roosevelt's hopeful way of talking kept the people of the United States going.!Wow! That"s cool! He did this through radio speeches called "Fire side chats." Roosevelt told people not to be afraid to try things that could help solve their problems. Roosevelt was President during a lot of hard times. Did you know when Roosevelt was president during World War 2, and the Great Depression. World War 2 started because of Germany and Italy then Great Britain and France. Then Japan and Europe entered . Next the whole world entered except the United States. The United States didn't want to join the war Roosevelt didn't either.Then Japan and Europe attacked the United States. So the United States had to go to war. They had to so they will protect the people. The United States joined Great Britain and France.After a long time Roosevelt got really tired and died. He died right before the war ended. I think Roosevelt's contributions were amazing.


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