Fast Food Workers

Isabella Paytas

When it began

This protest began in November of 2012.

Who is involved

Fast food workers in over 150 cities and the fast food companies they work for.

Why is it happening

Fast food workers across our nation believe the minimum wage should be raised to $15/hr.

The impact it had

This protest has gotten many people involved and helped people to be heard. It has gotten many people's attention, including some companies to agree to raise their wages, even a little at a time.

Pros and Cons

Pros: Many cities are raising wages. Companies are finally listening to their workers.

Cons: Workers have been attacked and arrested due to protesting.

Right to Protest?

YES. Most workers are forced to use public assistance, whether they want to or not. Greater than 52% rely on public assistance. An average worker makes about $18,880/yr. which is less than the poverty level for a family of two. These workers do a lot of dirty work and makes almost 10x less than the CEOs of the companies. The working environments are not always in good condition and the workers go through a lot just to get paid a small wage. The workers deserve a raise, but in little increments.
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Capp - Child Abuse Prevention Program

Capp is a program to assure that children get their right to safety and help report and stop child abuse. It began in 1986 and ever since then it has helped over 440,000 through today. It gives children the opportunity to be heard and reassures that nothing about them is causing the child abuse.

general information

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Why does it need to be changed

Nobody deserves to be abused, especially innocent children. Children do not deserve to be abused. By preventing this child abuse, it could save many lives and turn shattered kids into successful adults. Children always feel like no one understands and this program assures that kids are not alone. This helps kids open up and be heard and take control of their lives.

Prevent Child Abuse America

This prevention network is to help the study of children's maltreatment and the effectiveness of child abuse. It helps all children of America to be heard by spreading the significance of this issue and to stop all forms of child abuse.

228 South Wabash Avenue
10th Floor
Chicago, IL 60604
Phone: 312.663.3520

Child Abuse Prevention Center of New York

This company's main goal is to stop the child abuse in one city of New York. It provides tools that help ensure a child is raised in a happy and healthy environment. This company is sure that it's cause and it's help will help stop abuse one step at a time.

Parent Help Line – 914 682-CARE (24 hours a day, 7 days a week

General Information – 914 997 2642 (business hours

Fax – 914 997-1241

Mail - Child Abuse Prevention Center

7 Holland Avenue

White Plains, NY 10603