Social Times

January 12-16, 2015

Grit & Goal Setting

This week we built upon Goal Setting and talked more about what it would take to get us there. We talked a little about what Grit was and what it looks like not to give up. We watched a couple of fun videos to get the conversation going.

World's Most Determined Dog

We talked about how the dog had to try so many times and a few different ways to finally get his toy. How we have to keep working towards our goals and sometimes it's hard and frustrating, and sometimes we have to completely try something new.

How To Succeed (Steps Toward Meeting a Goal)

Motivational short video - How to succeed - cartoon
We talked about all of the steps and work that goes into being successful and meeting your goal.

Positive Thinking Cards-Mindset

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When working towards meeting a goal, sometimes we have to check in with ourselves and make sure we have a positive mindset. We used a set of mindset cards and students either matched the fixed mindset with the growth mindset or generated their own statement reflecting a growth mindset after reading the fixed mindset card.

Lego Club

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Lego Rules

  1. Keep to your role
  2. Divide role within group
  3. Help when asked
  4. Organize legos
  5. Set rotation. Remember by writing down
  6. New instruction = New person
  7. Bookmark place in manual
  8. Clean up
[student generated & poster created by students]

Leander Family Support Network

Monday, Jan. 26th, 6:30-8pm

1209 Cypress Creek Road

Cedar Park, TX

childcare provided