Brendan Carter's Bucket List

April, 4, 2015

#1-Rock Climbing-Indian Creek, Utah

The splitter (shown in the picture to the left) was formed by a river running over the rocks and breaking them down and carrying them else where, i would go with B.J. Warner because he has been rock climbing many times before.

#2-Wing suiting-Indian Creek, Utah

I would then wing suit off the splitter flying past the wind blown edges of the splitter and land safely on the bottom of the water carved valley with B.J. because though he has been rock climbing he has never been wing suiting/parachuting.

#3-White Water Rafting-Terlingua, Texas

I would rent a raft from the far flung outdoor center and ride down the rapids with my uncle because he has been rafting before and knows how to raft down the rapids that are carving a canyon in the earth.

#4-Climb The Shanghai Tower-Shanghai, China

I would climb the shanghai tower with Alex becuase we have both always wanted to climb it.

#5-Ride In A Seabreecher- Gulf Of Mexico, Texas/Mexico

I would rent/buy a seabreacher model X and ride it in the gulf of mexico who's beaches are being stolen by the waves.