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May 9, 2022

NEW Electronic Resources!

The South Dakota State Library provides a variety of general and subject-based online resources with statewide FREE access for you, your students (and their families), and your sta

Recently, these electronic resources were reviewed and evaluated through the efforts of the 2021-2022 Electronic Resources Task Force. Many hours were devoted to thoughtful consideration of both current and prospective resources. The mission of the 2021-2022 Electronic Resource Task Force (ERTF) was to review, evaluate, and formulate recommendations for which electronic resources should be provided by the South Dakota State Library (SDSL). By thoroughly analyzing current resources, exploring new resources, and evaluating their value to SD citizens, the ERTF determined new resources and cancellations. The goal was to provide the best, most cost-effective resources that will be utilized by SD citizens. The full report can be found on the SDSL LibGuides page here.

Additions (find more info below)

1. Broader perspectives from database offerings was the #1 most requested item via the November 2021 library staff and patron surveys. Several research guides have been created to point users to existing e-resources.

2. A language learning resource was the second most requested item via the November 2021 library staff and patron surveys. SDSL has tried subscription resources in the past which were expensive and rarely used. A freely available option (Duolingo) has been added to the SDSL website.

3. A film and documentary streaming platform has also been requested by school librarians for a number of years. Swank K-12 Streaming was recently added to the SDSL website and is free and accessible to South Dakota k-12 educators.

SDSL will not be renewing subscriptions to Consumer Reports, Gale Legal Forms, Chilton Library, and TrueFlix.

A complete listing of all of the SD State Library's electronic resources (containing additional information such as training and marketing materials) can be found by clicking here.

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Swank K-12 Streaming

The SD State Library now subscribes to Swank K-12 Streaming!

Log in to the portal with your @k12 email address:

Streaming Portal URL:

South Dakota k-12 educators now have FREE access to a curated collection of top, educational films which are click-and play ready in their streaming library. They are also able to search the entire library of films and request new films be added with an approved lesson plan. The Swank K-12 streaming library provides access to over 30,000 movies, documentaries and foreign language films for instructional support.

SDSL Swank page with help resources:

Click this link for a video recording of February 15th’s training session with Swank:

Video Access Passcode: i6amFL^8

See below for a Swank Poster Session.

Swank Poster Session
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Databases with Broad Perspectives

New printable database guides for k-12 have been added to the SDSL LibGuides page. These guides are SDSL database recommendations for educators and students seeking resources with broader perspectives.

To access the guides:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “SDSL Resources” icon
  3. Click on “Electronic Resources” to the left
  4. Click on “Printable Handouts”

There are separate guides for elementary, middle and high school.

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A link to the free language learning website Duolingo has been added to the SDSL Complete List of Databases page. Duolingo is a language-learning platform designed to feel like a game. It is appropriate for ages 11 and up.

To access Duolingo:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Databases” icon.
  3. Type in search bar to find Duolingo OR scroll and click on Duolingo icon.

*Duolingo is not a database subscription. For technical issues with this site, please contact Duolingo directly.

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1 Bulletin Board Idea

Let your students and staff know all about the electronic resources that are available to them!

*Image from Pinterest. Swap in the SDSL electronic resources, descriptions, and how to access!

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2 Helpful Handouts

Handouts and/or downloads that can be shared with students, staff, administrators, and parents.

3 SDSL Database Training Sessions

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