Mrs. Lansey

...getting to know her!


Mrs. Lansey was born on November 25, 1986 in Tucson, Arizona. Growing up, she loved to dance, play tennis, and read. When she was in third grade at Castlehill Country Day School, she had a teacher named Mrs. Ford. Mrs. Ford was a huge inspiration to her and it was in her class, that Mrs. Lansey decided she wanted to be a teacher.

Mrs. Lansey started middle school at Orange Grove and when she was eleven years old, she met Mr. Lansey (although she didn't actually think she would ever marry him!) Mrs. Lansey graduated from high school in 2005 and was accepted into the University of Arizona. She studied Elementary Education for four years and graduated in 2009.

Right after graduation, Mrs. Lansey got married and started her job as a teacher at Los Amigos Technology Academy. It was definitely a busy year for her! Mrs. Lansey continues to teach and loves her job!

Character Traits

Mrs. Lansey is shy because when she was in second grade, she used to hide behind her mom's legs when meeting someone new. (page ____)

Mrs. Lansey is athletic because she loves to work out and play tennis. (page____)

Mrs. Lansey is intelligent because she graduated from high school and college. (page ____)

Mrs. Lansey is a hard-worker because she has to plan lessons for her students. (page ____)

Mrs. Lansey is helpful because she teaches students all day and wants to help them learn. (page ____)

Let's Take a Look at Some Important Events from Mrs. Lansey's Life