HSE Elementary Principals Visit BSE

Mrs. Patrick and Mrs. Grant Present

February 3rd, 2014

The BSE staff and students were excited to see the entire HSE elementary administrator team at BSE for their monthly professional development meeting last Tuesday. Mrs. Patrick, Mrs. Grant, and Mr. Kaminski offered a presentation about creating a flex or open schedule in the elementary school setting. Mrs. Patrick described the planning process, key elements of her marketing plan, and details of roll out. She described the research behind such flex schedules and emphasized the power of co-teaching and collaboration with teachers at BSE. Mrs. Grant, one of the many powerful collaborative teachers at BSE, brought her entire class to highlight the learning outcomes of such collaboration. Mrs. Grants , developing, and implementing a flex library schedule. Mrs. Patrick uses her flex time, when parents from BSE volunteer to cover her class, to guide intense inquiry, information tech/research, and 21st Century application skills. In simple terms she helps the teachers pull of the most creative and purposeful lessons possible.