Sports at the one and only NA

Athletics at NA

Newark Academy provides fall winter and spring sports. Each season dominating. Not all teams succeed but all teams have fun what sports are meant for at NA. Not all people are good at sports or like sports at all but we strongly encourage everybody to play a sport to try to enjoy their time while learning about athletics

The sky is Falling sports

Football, field hockey, soccer, tennis. Football is my favorite sports being on the field with friends and letting out all your anger on the opposite team. Field hockey is complicated and have no idea what to do.Soccer just dont use your hands and tennis isall about whacking a ball with a racket.

Winter sports

Basketball, swimming, fencing, and wrestling. Basketball is my favorite sports i love when they dribble up and down the court…. 3 strokes breath 3 strokes breath that's all swimming is. Hiyah flying swords around a thin matis fencing. last but not least is wrestling you put on a unitard and try to pin down your opponent in style.

Springin sports

Baseball, track, lacrosse, golf, and softball. Swing batter batter swing knockin it out the park is baseball/Softball. Bang the gun explodes and off to the races track and field. lacrosse is just score a goal and then you win. Golf drive a ball many feet and get a hole in one.


After last bell of the school day everyone rushes to the locker rooms and throw on their sporting equipment and have 15 minutes to get ready. You pick a sport by signing up at the MS office season by season.

Norms, Taboos, and Mores

There aren't many taboos in sports at NA accept for doing anything bad to your opponent, such as trash talking illegal actions, and fighting. The taboos of sports stay away. Some norms are doing your best to excel, get better, and learn about the specific sport. Last but not least are mores. There aren't many mores performed but when there are they are wowed, like staying out longer to get better or studying the team strategies like school work and just going higher then average.