Initiating a Grade Change

Entry Point: Enter Classroom Grading

In Enter Classroom Grading, you can use the Initiate Grade Change button on the Report Card tab and Progress Report tab to change a student's grade for a grade type that is no longer open for editing.

To do this follow the steps below.

  1. Select the student whose grade you would like to change and click the Initiate Grade Change button to display a popup box with the Student Name and Student ID and fields for changing the grade for a grade type.
  2. Complete the following fields:
    • Grade Type: Select the grade type to be changed.
    • New Grade: Enter the new grade for the grade type.
    • Comment: Enter a short explanation for the change.
  3. Click the Save button, which starts the Grade Change workflow for approval of the change and triggers a notification to the appropriate subscribed approver(s) for the workflow.
If you have already submitted a change request for the student/grade type, a message is displayed to notify you that there is an existing pending request and asks you if you want to override that request or cancel. If the you select to override, the status of the existing request is changed to Overridden and a new Pending request is created.