Varsity Cheerleading Update

Jefferson Junior High School

Calendar Changes

Please add the following practice days/times to your calendars:

  • CANCEL practice for this Friday, November 1st. We won't have fitness center space on this day and we won't have practice until the following Monday, so we will cancel the practice on this Friday to make all of our practice time most effective. We will replace the two weekday practices we cancelled with practices over break when our AWESOME college and high school cheerleaders are available to come and help us.
  • UPDATE Thursday, November 7th (changed from practice to going to watch the blue/white scrimmage in the stands instead). The girls should wear their black yoga pants and their new blue and white v-neck shirts to school that day. They do not need to wear a bow.
  • UPDATE Friday, November 8th: We go to the tournament after school on the buses with the boys basketball team. Varsity girls should wear their FULL uniform to school (crop top, shell, skirt, cheer briefs, cheer ankle socks, cheer shoes, and bow).
  • ADD Tuesday, November 26th (4pm-7pm) we will practice after parent teacher conferences in the MAIN GYM.
  • ADD Wednesday, November 27th (10am-2pm) we will practice in the MAIN GYM.
  • ADD two practice over break while the college cheerleaders are home (12/21 from 10-2 in the fitness center and 12/23 from 10-2 in the main gym). These will be key because we'll have no practice the whole next week and competition is January 10-11 in Peoria.

THERE WILL BE A COUPLE OF "THEME NIGHT" GAMES TO GET THE CROWD EXCITED. On Thursday, December 12th, it will be Neon Night in the Stands for the Burr Ridge Varsity Game at 4:15, and on Monday, November 16th, it will be a "White Out!" in the stands for the Herrick home game at 4:15.


Please make sure to wash and rinse your uniform in COLD water before our first tournament so the colors don't bleed through and fade. Specific care instructions were sent in a previous e-mail, but if you need a reminder... just e-mail or call Mrs. Ander and she can fill you in. :)

That's it! :)

I know this was a short one... but there wasn't much to share. Girls have been GREAT at practice... please use the time off this weekend (four days in a row without practice!) to work on your individual tumbling goals and working on the dance with the video if you are struggling. We may add in level changes... but so far, it's looking really great!