Stress Newsletter:

By: Trenton Koehler & Jennifer Duong

Quotes from Malala Yousafzai

"I don't want to be thought of as the "girl that was shot by the Taliban" but the "girl who fought for education." This is the cause to which I want to devote my life."

"Constant fear of being killed for standing up for something you believe in."

"I want every girl, every child to be educated."

Facts about Malala

    • Activist for female education and the youngest-ever Nobel Prize laureate

    • ''I want every girl, every child to be educated''

    • On October 9, 2012, she was shot by a Taliban gunman in the face, while traveling home from school.

    • She had a titanium plate fitted as well as a cochlear implant in her skull to help her hear.

    • She dealt with the stress of the Taliban by being an activist for women’s education and writing an autobiography, I am Malala: The Girl who stood up for Education and was shot by the Taliban

    • She also blogged about her experience for the BBC about living under the Taliban’s threats to deny her an education.

    • After the attack she continued to support women’s education in her country
    • "But she became more resilient, more committed and I've never heard her utter a single sigh or a single word which implies complaint or regret." - Ziauddin Yousafzai
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Solutions to stress

  • Take a time-out.
  • Eat well-balanced meals
  • Get enough sleep
  • Exercise daily
  • Accept that you cannot control everything
  • Listen to music during or after you practice relaxation.
  • Maintain a positive attitude

In class sources (Lecture Notes)

  • Lecture spoke about rat experiment
  • In experiment the rats lasted 15 minutes to 60 hours
  • 2nd experiment most lasted 60 hours
  • Malala being shot was like her being thrown in water
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