Stay Away from Indian Island!

By Amy Zhang- Period 8 11/3/14

Due to the cold climate, not many plants and animals are able to prosper here.
Because there aren't many plants that can be grown there, the island is mostly just bare rock.
"She had pictured it differently, close to shore, crowned with a beautiful white house. But there was no house visible, only the boldly silhouetted rock with its faint resemblance to a giant head. There was something sinister about it. She shivered faintly." (pg. 80)
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As if that's not enough, there are also eerie rumors surrounding the area. No one has confirmed their authenticity yet, but people have been murdered here. Additionally, there have been reports of gunshots, yelling, and signals made from smoke.
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"If I'd never gone on that trip to Indian Island, I'd be cozy at home right now instead of in a coffin." -Vera
And Then There Were None (1974) - Trailer