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September 29, 2019

Focus 2019-20

Our 3 Focus Areas for the 2019-20 school year:


Friday night my husband asked me how Samuel did on his math test. I asked him if he had helped him study or how he knew he had a test. He said he had read Mr. Brose's newsletter and it said they had struggled. It hit me then how impactful the newsletters have been. I'm at the school every day, I can ask my kids how their classes are, how they did on their tests, if they have anything to do in study hall. Corey isn't there though and I didn't realize that I probably just took care of school "stuff" and didn't share as much as I could have. Since he has been receiving information in the newsletters, he is not only more informed but is talking with our kids about school. It's been kind of wonderful!

If you've always done a newsletter or weekly parent email, good job! If you just started, thank you. They are making a difference. If you haven't tried this form of communication, please consider it. Communication at any grade level is a good thing!

Social/Emotional Learning

To be honest, the Showcase we attended this week was disappointing. It was not the kind of information I was hoping it would be. One of the things I did take away from it was a concept called 2x10. A principal from southern Indiana challenged his staff to spend 2 minutes/day for 10 days in a row talking to a student they were struggling with about anything except school.

He said it was awkward at first. Some staff struggled to get the conversation started and keep it going. However, at the end of the 10 days, 100% of the staff that participated reported a positive change.

I would like to see our staff take this challenge. This next week is going to be crazy with HOCO activities. Look for information the following week and think about a student you would like to try to connect with.

Reading in All Subjects

This week in Mrs. Lake's Biology class, she incorporated reading into her lesson. She read part of the book There is a Hair in My Dirt by Gary Larson. 25 high school students sat quietly and listened as Mrs. Lake read, adding science-related details and posing questions to students. She didn't read the whole book, picked up where they had left off, and told them they would read more the next day. It was a great addition to her lesson. She later told me that after she read last week's newsletter she remembered that she used to share this book with classes, and decided to try it again.

Try it! A book, an article, a poem, a current event. If you are struggling to find something content related to read, let me know and we can brainstorm together.

Healthy Sober October Challenge

First Friday Events - Save the Dates

Friday, October 4th we will have a tailgate party before the Homecoming football game. Meat and drinks provided. Everyone bring a dish to share. Please sign up using the Google Doc below so we have an idea of how many to plan for.

On Sunday, October 6th we will host everyone at Trowbridge Farms - The Amazing Maze. Again meat and drinks will be provided. Everyone bring a dish to share. Please sign up using the Google Doc below so we have an idea of how many to plan for. We will cover the cost of all staff members. $4/person for family members. Kids 3 & under are free.

The News Sun

Our new contact is:

Sara Barker, Reporter

260.347.0400 ext 1135


@SaraBKPC Twitter

Ott Grants

There is no word yet on Ott Grant availability. The Board is trying to determine if the funding will be available this year. I will keep you posted as we hear more. You might consider a grant to PULSE of Noble County as an alternative.

Upcoming Events:

9/30-10/4 - HOCO 2019

10/4 Tailgate Party

10/5 The Amazing Maze Family Outing

10/18 Unity Day

10/21-25 Fall Break

12/13 - Staff Holiday Party