Clothing Management 2 Projects!

Project three- shirt

My third project - shirt

For this project I used a pattern. The project that I made was a shirt. For this project, it was really important that all of the lines were straight, and if I didn't really emphasize on that skill, then it would've turned out really crappy.

The fabric I used was an insulated cotton fabric, I also used thread, and an iron on logo. The outside is more of a slick material, and the inside is a really soft warm material. For this particular project, I needed to sew all of the pieces separately before I could put them all together. For this project the prior knowledge that I needed was mainly just to sew, I didn't really need to know how to do anything special for it.

I chose this project because my brother wanted it and I needed a project to do before my final. This project challenged me only because the projects I have done before I haven't really needed to sew perfectly straight and on this project I felt that I needed it to all line up perfectly. I also have never used any sort of iron on anything, so that was something different, not necisarrily hard or challenging. I was really satisfied with this project in the end.

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