No God but God

Mohammed is the Messenger of Allah


Born Allah bless him and grant him peace in Mecca and infants in Bani Saad , فنشأ the Balbadah Learning eloquence and vitality , grandfather and activity, and lived in Mecca under the sponsorship of his grandfather and his uncle , antiseptic known Secretariat ethics and honesty , wisdom, and far from idle amusement and falsehood and polytheism .

He said peace be upon him : what originated Bgdt to idols and regardless to the hair, not the most important thing , which was ignorance do only twice all that prevents God between me and what I want, even interested in bad beyond even honored me with God, his message Narrated by the Governor , and horses Golden concurred .

And was involved in important matters , he attended the NATO curiosity held by the Quraish to help the oppressed, and participated in the construction of the Kaaba with Quraish, and has assessed God polytheists because of the war might have located them because of their disagreement on who puts the black stone in place, sentenced them to participate in the carry.

And had married a lady Quraish Khadija Bint in the sixth and twenty years old , and was toil and gaining , it has sponsored the sheep first period of his youth , then dabble trade after that.

And when forty boat loved him worship , was devoid بغار of Hira worship where , as in the interview with Aisha in the correct , even Gabriel revelation came to him at the head of forty years of age may Allah bless him and grant him peace .

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يا رب دعاء جميل