The Pulse - October/November 2015

Supporting Work that is Vital and Personal

Educational Leadership: Doing Data Righ: Whose in the Driver's Seat? - A Richer and Deeper View of Student Success

As we continue to explore innovative practices that support students academically, socially, and emotionally, I will share research information and articles that highlight successful strategies and provide us ideas that may transform our work. One such article is "Who's in the Driver's Seat?” In it, author/consultant Steven Levy makes the case for taking data use beyond test scores and getting students to own the process, collecting and analyzing pertinent information and setting their own goals. “Because data analysis is so effective in addressing the mastery of discrete skills,” says Levy, “the process tends to see everything as a discrete skill. It assumes that learning is a linear process, skill by skill, bit by bit, starting in kindergarten at A and ending with a PhD at Z… How can we invite data into schools without letting data usurp the fullness of our humanity?”

The question is whether the non-cognitive domain can be measured – perseverance, beautiful work, human emotions. Levy believes so, and gives a small example of how a second-grade class in Boston designed a project to convince people not to be afraid of snakes.

This is a great read!

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An Elementary School Improves Student Attendance

The PAC goal for our collaborative team of social workers this year is to develop a proactive and positive plan to address and improve attendance. This article from Educational Leadership shares one school's success story. These are good ideas to share!

Thanks to Our Nursing Team!

Our team of nurses held this year's Flu Clinic at OMS. Over 850 people were provided the flu vaccine. Thank you to Connie Trent and all of our nursing team who work so hard each day. You all are amazing and you and your work are greatly appreciated by us ALL! Thank you to the staff at OMS for supporting our work and allowing us to use their cafeteria for our Flu Clinic.
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Evidence-Based School Counseling Conference - February 28-19, 2016

The Evidence-Based School Counseling Conference provides school counselors with critical information about successful practice, evaluation, and relevant research to create dynamic and powerful school counseling programs. The conference uses a unique format to incorporate both peer-reviewed research presentations and small group consultation with leaders in the field.

High School Options - Information for Parents

This chart will be shared with parents electronically and shared on school websites. We wanted all of you to be aware of it, especially in middle and high schools. We are continuing to update the FCS website and search for better ways to inform and communicate with our parents about the complex and changing world of high school!

Wishing Our Excellent School Psychologist Team and Happy and Enjoy Psychologist Appreciation Week!

Our team of psychologists work very hard to support our students and our schools. They have been especially busy this year with the training and implementation of the new FASTBridge program. Please send them your good thoughts and appreciation for all they do. They ROCK!
The ABC's of School Psychology