The Kingdom Of Ghana

By:Justice Bufrd

The Kingdom Of Ghana Background Information

  • Location- Western Africa. Present day in modern day southeastern Mauritania, Western Mali, and Eastern Senegal.
  • Government- The Empire of Ghana was ruled by a series of kings and emperors who made their government something close to a monarchy. They had a lot of control with this government and it was very effective because the citizen could get the kings judgment on some things and cases if they were being sued. They king never exceeded his power and most of them were always fair and kept the balance in the government and the society.
  • Economy- Their economy was based on the rare metals they had in that area and farming. They became rich by exporting larger amounts of gold, ivory and salt.
  • Collapse- The kingdom started to collapse when the Berbers kept attacking them. It finally fell in to a southern portion of the Almoravid movement and they destroyed the empire of Ghana.

Empire of Ghana