What's Happening

Week of May 20th

SCHEDULE FOR THE WEEK of May 20th and May 27th

Monday, May 20th

8:00 Return ISASP paper/pencil tests to ESC

1:30 ALT school meeting

2:50 PLCs and PD (including Foundations)

Tuesday, May 21st

Field Day---though it looks like rain, rain, rain

8:00 Preschool team

9:30 CT Meeting

11:00 Meet with Lincoln

1:00 ALT school student check in meeting

3:40 10 minute Stand Up Meeting--BLT

Wednesday, May 22nd

12:00 Check in with student

2:45 Senior Walkthroughs

Thursday, May 23rd

10:00 Evacuation Drill

10:30 Preschool meeting

Friday, May 24th

Rain Date for Field Day

8:25 Walk and Talk

12:00 Check in with student

8:30 Jimmie softball game

9:30 Jimmie softball game

Saturday, May 25th

2:10 West High Graduation

Monday, May 27th----Memorial Day

Tuesday, May 28th

8:00 Preschool Meeting

9:30 CT Meeting

10:00-1:05 PK Classes Field Trip to Miracle League

3:40 10 min Stand Up Meeting--BLT

5:15 Massage and adjustment

Wednesday, May 29th

District 5th grade Explorers Baseball game

8:00 Review JM data

11:30-2:30 2nd/3rdgrade to Goldie Park

12:00 Check in with student

2:30 Preschool transition meeting

Thursday, May 30th

10:00 Preschool Graduation--West

10:45-2:00 Kdg to Goldie Park

11:00 Preschool Graduation--Barrett

1:00 Preschool Graduation--Farrer

2:30 Early Dismissal

Teachers who work until 5:55 on Thursday, only need to work until 11:55 on Friday

Friday, May 31st

Teacher work day

7:30 Jimmie's softball game

9:30 Jimmie's softball game

Senior Walk throughs

West High is starting a new tradition that I am very excited about. On the Seniors last day, they are going to break off into groups to come to each Feeder Elementary. When they come to Riverside, they will parade through the halls and offer high fives to your staff and students. It shouldn’t take more than about 15 minutes.

Here is a recent tweet highlighting a similar event. https://twitter.com/slestornadoes/status/1129130268026126338?s=21

We hope to encourage our Roadrunners to the final goal of graduation and also hope our West High students have a chance to see their former teachers and thank them for helping them on their journey.


May 21 K-5 Field Day

May 22 Senior Walk throughs

May 24 Rain date for Field Day

May 29 5th grade to Explorers Baseball game

May 30 Last Day for Students

May 31 Teacher Work Day