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Michael Dennis


When I read books I am in the zone. I mostly like sports books. My favorite book I have read is a sport book called take your best shot. It is a very good book. I usually read books before I go to bed. I also like reading books on very long car trips. That is my reading life.

Ten things about me as a reader

Ten things about me as a reader

1.I read one book a month

2. I like sports books

3.I like reading sports illustrated magazines

4.I have a library in my house

5. My reading teacher is Mr.Strait

6. I usually like the book better then movie

7. I enjoy when people read me the book then when I read the book myself

8. My favorite place to read is in the car on long car trips

9.I enjoy shorter books that are 200 pages or less

10. I buy too many books that I do not read

Song that Expresses me

The song Be Okay expresses me well because I don't read books that much but it is okay to read a book every once in a while

Some of my favorite things I have read

Take your best shot

Sports Illustrated magazines

James in the Giant Peach

I like take your best shot ( By john Coy) is one of my favorite books because it has lots of action and its about basketball. Also all the characters are really good in it.

I like sports illustrated magazines because there is lots of news about sports in the magazines.

I enjoy the book James and the Giant Peach because all the charaters are really funny also its a fiction book and I like fiction things

Daily Blog

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where to find more books is a good site to find books because they have all different kinds of genres and books for different genders.

My Blog

I am currently reading Take your Best Shot by john Coy. Its a really good book about a kid who is trying to get 6th grade right. Their is lots of events that happen to him.


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