Identity Theft

When It Happens, Prevention and Recovery


Identity theft is where somone steals your social security number or credit card and commit fraud. There are many different ways someone can use your information as theft. That is why it is important to keep an eye open for anything out of the ordinary when it comes to credit cards bills, credit reports, etc.

When it Happens:

Immediately you should:

1. Go to the bank and cancel the card.

2. Place an initial fraud alert.

3. Order your credit reports.

4. Create an Identity Theft report.

*The sooner it is reported, the better

To find out how to place an initial fraud alert, order credit reports, and create an Identity Theft report, Go To:


1. Identity Theft protection services are always a good option.

2. Keep track of your cards.

3. Be careful and mindful about what you put out on the internet, and what inforamtion you give to someone over the phone. Make sure you know that it is your bank calling.

4. Keep watch of your spendings on your card's website.

*If anything is unfamiliar to you, immediately call the card company.

A Website on Prevention, The Wall Street Journal:

Companies who help protect you and your Family from Identity Theft:


How to repair your Credit Report after Identity Theft:

1. Check your credit report ASAP.

2. Make sure that errors are non- existent.

3. Get copies of documents used by the thief.

Recovering from Identity Theft takes time and patientance.

A. Set goals and dates for yourself.

B. Keep track of your telephone calls.

C. Keep all of your documents organized.

D. Send all mail by certified mail. - Get a reciept.

A way to understand these steps, Go To: