Hispanic Music


Bachata is a form of romantic music. It is listened to mostly in the Dominican Republic. The songs are typically about love, break-ups and sadness related to love. Bachata also has a dance that is associated with the music also called Bachata. Their are several types of artist related to this Genre. The most popular listened to are Anthony Santos, Aventura, Frank Reyes, Monchy y Alexandra and many more.

History of Bachata

Bachata has been around since the 1960's. It originated from the Dominican Republic, but is played in several other hispanic countries such as Puerto Rico, Cuba, Colombia, and the United States. Bachata is also closely related to romantic Cuban Bolero.

Characteristics of Bachata

The songs are typically about love, break-ups and sadness related to love. The main instruments are rhythm guitar, lead guitar, electric bass guitar, bongos (tampora), and a guira. Bachata groups play a style of bolero and also use repetition of chords often. The vocals used are females and males. The cultural events that this music is mostly listened to are parties and get togethers. Many hispanics listen to this music and blast it in there homes when they clean or when driving. Casual or Party wear is associated with bachata. The most famous bachateros are Anthony Santos, Aventura, Frank Reyes, and Carlos y Alejandra.

Bachata (Dance)

The dances associated with this music is bachata. The characteristics of the dance is a three-steps up or down and side to side. Also, the man puts there arms on the females back and holds her hand, while the female puts her hands on his shoulder and holds his hands.

Bachata Today

The music today is mostly associated in New York City mostly in the Bronx and Brooklyn. Today, the same customs are still entitled. The projected future of this music to expand the music to all cultures.