by Ila Sammanthan

Government and Economy

the Federal Republic of Somalia became independent from the UK and Italy in 1960 and is in the process of building a federal parliamentary republic. In 1991, the military regime became overthrown and the country fell into anarchy. The economy is extremely informal and almost collapsed and has been classed by the UN as an underdeveloped country. As of now, Somalia has been involved in a violent civil war for over twenty years.

Why do refugees leave?

Currently, there are 400,000 IDP's and 390,000 refugees originating from Somalia

Many refugees leave Somalia due to mass starvation and also inter clan violence where rape and torture are common. Somalia is especially unsafe for young children and women for these reasons. The government is corrupted and largely disregarded by Somalians, causing the country mass chaos. Refugees may also choose to leave because the country relies on aid from international agencies such as the UN and there have been 2.5 million deaths since 1991.