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Islamic Halal is well recognized within the Halal Foods business.

Islamic Halal began in 2001 with a concept to certify halal product for the domestic market in North America. we tend to began with halal chicken, then extra different proteins, like lamb, goat and beef. we tend to then branched out to certifying the assembly of vegetables. Over the years, we tend to were instrumental in encouraging firms to vary from victimization lard and animal fats to victimization vegetable sourced fats within the production and sauteing of Irish potato. At our suggestion, some firms switched from victimization pork gravy to turkey gravy in their ready foods. Islamic Halal is currently associate integral a part of the hassle to certify halal integrity in foods made for each the domestic and therefore the world markets.

Islamic Halal is recognized globally for its halal certification requirements and auditing services and is nisus to become a logo of halal integrity.

Islamic Halal provides complete data on halal products, their procedures and practices for halal product producers, vendors, businesses, and shoppers.

Islamic Halal is prepared to answer any of your queries. you'll contact us by phone and e-mail. we tend to additionally give facilities for coaching, seminars, conference calls, and recommendation from reliable specialists in halal foods and government laws.

Islamic Halal’s services include certification within the slaughter and production of beef, lamb, goat and poultry, in addition because the halal-compliant production of dairy farm products, processed foods, additives and ingredients, vitamins and nutritional supplements, and prescription drugs.

Whether you're a producer, vendor, retail business or shopper, and you are in would like of halal service and halal certification, you'll contact us at

What is halal certification

Halal Certification could be recognition that the merchandise is permissible underneath Islamic law. This merchandise is so edible, drinkable or usable by Muslims. Halal certification from a longtime Islamic organization helps to make Halal consumer's confidence while not suspicion or doubt over the consumption of the food merchandise. It’s an authoritative and reliable testimony to support food manufacturers' claim that their merchandise have met strict Halal demand by the Islamic law.
Islamic Halal is famous within the Halal Food items organization. Islamic Halal’s products and services contain official certifications within the slaughter and creation of ground beef, lamb, goat and hen, additionally as the halal-compliant creation of dairy products farm merchandise, prepared ingredients, chemicals and elements, vitamin products and nutritionary dietary supplements, and prescription medications.

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Islamic Halal™ is an excellent resource on Halal information and education for businesses and consumers. We provide facilities for training, seminars, conference calls, and advice from reliable experts in Halal foods. Islamic Halal™ is ready to answer any questions you may have.