Brave Chronicles

Margaret Perterson Haddix Schuster Inc. 2004 229 Pages

All About the Third Child

Trey is a third child that has to help get his leader luke (or his illegal third name is Lee) out of jail unharmed.He meet trey when his fathered died and he goes to a school for third childeren.He gets help from other characters such as Nina,Mark and Mr.Tabolt .Until Mr. and Mrs. talbot get arrested and Trey is left but the they up coming back to help Trey.Trey is not a brave kid and he is scared that he wouldn't be able to get Luke out of jail. Do they Get Luke out of jail? The next section tells you all about it.

Did the plan work?????

Trey ends up meeting Lees older brother Mark who take to to the tablot house long to discover that his house has been taken over by the population police.So they come up with a plan to get Luke released from jail they would join the PP(population police). Than Mark gets looked up in jail after trying to sneak in and he got caught trying to get in.Lee gets released with the boys and a soldier that helped the get out of jail or escaped.Mark promised to join after his broken leg recovers.They plan to do something to sabotaged the P.P.

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The main problem in the story is Trey trying to get Luke and Mark out of jail without getting caught because he is a illegal third child.When Trey joins the PP He gets help from another character to help get them out of jail.

Overall review

I give this book a 7.Even thought i was a good book it still went slow and i really didnt catch my eye of view or what i ike.