whats the greatest sport known?

Consider it to be Football.!!!!

Football is America's number one sport.

Football is a big sport in America.

A Little Bit about Myself

Steve Sanchez

Jersey number 12. I play high school football my self. I do start on the varsity team and play both sides of the ball (defense & offense). The positions i play are quarter back, tight end, and line backer. My first year playing football was actually 7th grade. It was my first sport that i ever played and from the start i was hooked on football.

what i hope to learn

in my research, i hope to learn basically the steps taken to get to a pro level. I've received many opinions on what steps to take to make it to the nfl, but i'm still not sure what to look for or what to do exactly as far as making my self noticed. I hope if you have the same questions on a sport and how to make it to a pro level, that my blog can give you some ideas and help you out as well.

What I Know

Some of the things i know from experience is that football is a very aggressive sport. A lot of injuries can occur when playing football. But if you really love the sport that won't matter. You can also get a really good scholarship offer if your good at the sport. Also, football can teach you a lot about life. It can teach you manners, respect, and most importantly discipline. A lot of people told me that if you can get these key things out of football and use it for everything else, you will be one step ahead of most people. In the sport of football, the more stronger you are, the better you will be. Not only will strength help you play better, but it will also protect you from a possible injuries.

what i did to help find opinions on what i should do

i created a survey to see peoples opinions on what i should do. if you havent taken it here is the link.
- https://docs.google.com/a/m.kckps.org/forms/d/1P1LUzeAmz0e1643Xx_9bjQYppJo_SJMdf-OFVvfplZg/viewform

Living in Dread

In the article titled "Living in Dread" i found out that the new philosophy for many NFL franchises has been to throw a handful of relatively cheap young backs into the meat grinder, then see which ones thrive." ( http://web.b.ebscohost.com/src_ic/pdfviewer/pdfviewer?vid=6&sid=d3cb7806-1e76-485d-9643-c6340188b185%40sessionmgr110&hid=101 ) With that being said, i feel like in order to be in the NFL, you must push your self to limits never reached. Just when you think you have pushed enough, push your self even more. Not only in football but with everything you do.

To Much Of A Good Thing?

In the article titled "To Much Of A Good Thing" Aaron Schatz, pointed out that a back who was used to often one year was due for a regression the next. Of the 28 times that a player has hit that mark, 20 missed at least one game the following year, though the injury rate was generally higher. (

http://web.b.ebscohost.com/src_ic/pdfviewer/pdfviewer?vid=6&sid=d3cb7806-1e76-485d-9643-c6340188b185%40sessionmgr110&hid=101 ) Although football can be all fun and glorious, there is a down fall. As everything in life has a down fall as well too. But as long as you know and can accept the down falls, i believe its worth chasing your dreams.

Rules On the Field

There are so many rules now. The main purpose for that is to keep the football players safe. When it first started, the rules were cut short to basic offsides and other penalty rules. but over the years more and more rules have been added. If interested, you can go to this link i found very resourceful ( http://uaasnfl.blob.core.windows.net/live/1807/2015_nfl_rule_book_final.pdf )
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NFL Combine

Basically the NFL combine is a camp where guys who get drafted or are trying to get drafted can compete to get their chance to get recruited by an NFL team. Its three days and different things are tested at the NFL combine. Things like Speed, agility, Strength, and actual performance for your position are tested.

Video of the Nfl 2016 Combine

What i need to do to make it to the NFL

From what i have researched, i need to keep my grades high, score high on my ACT tests, lift and get stronger, try to perform better than everyone else, and choose the best college. Once in college, get at least three years of schooling in as well as college football, then sign up for the NFL combine and hope to get chosen by an NFL team.