Google Cardboard for the Classroom

An Affordable Way to Bring Virtual Reality to the Classroom

Bring Learning to Life With VR in the Classroom

Virtual reality use to seem like something reserved for the affluent, but thanks to Google Cardboard virtual reality is now very affordable and can brought into the classes and the hands of eager students to learn.

Features that Support Learning

  • low cost to purchase--less than $10.00 or you can download a copy of the blueprint/directions and build your own
  • easy to assemble
  • gives students the ability to participate in virtual field trips and connect the learning in the classroom to the real world
  • old deactivated cellphones can be collected for a class set of devices--the only thing that is required is the Google Cardboard App and Internet
  • Google Cardboard can also be used with Discovery Education's Virtual Reality App.
Expeditions: Take your students to places a school bus can't

Features that Inhibit Learning

  • Using Google Cardboard in the classroom should be structured and aligned to a teacher's curriculum. Although it can be fun to "explore" many of the virtual field trips available, teachers need to be mindful of maintaining the educational value.
  • Google Cardboard or any other forms of VR should not be used simply for "babysitting" a class.

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