Survival Guide For Broome,Australia

By Emma Silvey

4 Tips to survive in Broome,Australia

1.Mark your way with sticks and and stones in the direction of which you are traveling

2.Stay away from the venomous snake Inland Taipan

3.Stay close to your plane and do not travel to other places

4.Eat Pigweed, it is plentiful and full of water, and with all the heat, you will need water

3 plants to eat

1The wild Parsnip is a very helpful and plentiful food source

2 is another helpful and plentiful food source

3 The Native Cherry is a great food source

Animals and plants

Animals in Australia

European Honey Bee

This animal kills more people in Australia than anything else. So stay away

Inland Taipan

This snake can kill 100 men with one bite.You cannot eat this snake.