Elements Project

Pretty in Pink Parker, May-May, Alan, Gustavo


Natural form

  • O2 that we breathe and O3 called the Ozone layer
How it gets on our bodies

  • We get oxygen from breathing through our nose/mouth.
Where else do we find oxygen

  • we can find it in water
  • on most of the earth

  • Excited oxygen is responsible for bright red and yellow-green colors of the aurora.


State of Matter

  • Naturally a solid (diamond, graphite)
How we get it in our bodies

  • Eating and Drinking, almost all foods have carbon in them
  • Breathing, some air molecules contain carbon
Where else is carbon

  • plants
  • diamonds
  • Charcoal
  • Graphite
  • Plastics
  • Gasoline

  • Takes form of hardest and softest substance


State of matter

  • gas
How we get it

  • We get it through water
Where else is it

  • The sun
  • Plants and sugar

  • Most basic and Common element


State of matter

  • gas
How we get it

  • The air you breathe is around 78% Nitrogen
Where else can it be found

  • Chemicals like ammonia, its also found in coolant for refrigerators

  • Long chains of nitrogen are incredibly explosive