Stonegate Staff News

October 14, 2016

Recognitions and Celebrations:

  • Rita would like to send a shout out to Nurse Tracy for checking on one of her kids for color blindness to rule out anything causing him to have a hard time!
  • Jennifer would like to thank Gena for the ice cream.
  • Gena would like to thank all of you for working so hard! I know you are doing everything you can to make the students successful!
  • Gena would also like to thank all of you for coming to talk to me when things aren't working. I appreciate you coming to brain storm with me so when can come up with a better plan! We are going to do AMAZING things this year, so I need your input when things are not working!
  • Stacy Kelly wants to thank Shannon for covering her tutoring group and everyone else that offered. Stonegate is a great place to work!
  • Talana would like to thank the entire staff for of your hugs, kind words, thoughts, and prayers during this difficult time. It's a blessing to have such a supportive staff!
  • Talana would like to thank Rita, Stacy, Cammeron, and Coach Metheny for helping with the attendance party. Thank you, Frances for stuffing the popcorn bags. Thank you to all of the staff for supporting student attendance!
  • Talana would like to thank Martha for making sure the attendance report was ready for the buses for the buses. She would also like to thank Coach for helping with the buses.
  • Talana would like to thank Gena for taking on so many extra tasks during her absences this past six weeks.

Yippee! Hooray!! Congratulations!!

We would like to say congratulations to 3 teachers for earning the Demonstration Classroom Award! We are very proud of you!

Rebekah Wolff

Teresa Ligon

Beverly Ihnfeldt

Elise Roberts is in the Spotlight!

Both of Elise's parents are remarried, so she has two older step-sisters and two younger step-brothers. She is an only child biologically. I have the best relationship with her mom; she is her best friend! In Kindergarten, Elise wanted to be a police officer until she found out they carry a gun! She has wanted to be a teacher since she was in the 8th grade. Something people don't know about Elise is she has horrible eyesight. Without contacts or glasses, she is not able to function. She was denied Lasik Eye Surgery because the technology isn't strong enough for her prescription

If she won the lottery she would probably put it in a savings account, but take out enough to travel around Europe. She is stingy with money!

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Best Practice

Thinking back to the 7 keys to Disney success...

"Pay Fantastic Attention to Detail"

  • Think about the detail in your classroom. What do you pay the most attention to?
  • Think about your lesson plans. Do you plan for differentiation? Do you focus your lesson plans toward your middle kids? Low kids? What would happen if you focused your activities on higher thinking?

Postive Office Referral

Week of October 24





Week of October 31





Tutoring in the Computer Lab is a Hit!

Thank you Cammeron for being there for the students each morning!
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Important Dates

Week of October 17

10/18 Happy Birthday Stacy Kelly!

CBA 1- Math Grade 2

CBA 1 Reading- Grade 3-5

10/19 D-Hall- Torres

10/20 Happy Birthday Patty Walker!

Faculty meeting @ 3:15

Math and Science Night @ 6:00

10/21 Computer Lab is open all day!- Mock Election canceled!

Week of October 23

10/23 Happy Birthday Beth Cannon!

10/24- 10/28 Book Fair

10/24- CBA Analysis (Reading 4th and 5th/ Math- 2nd)

10/25- Burgers for Books

Enrichment Club

10/26- Detention- Walker

10/27- Happy Birthday Coach Metheny

PreK Parent Day

10/28- Snapshot Day

Team Meeting Forms Due from Team Leaders

Week of October 31

10/31 Dress as a book character (no masks)

11/1 Wear jeans if you donated to the United Way

11/2 Bicycle Rodeo

11/3 Cabinet members to visit staff in library at 3:20

Math PD at 3:30 in Wolff's room

PTA board meeting @ 6:00


  • Please remind students to have a voice level 0 in the hall and to walk on a silver line. This is a Stonegate expectation at all times.
  • I have updated the CIP. I have removed some things. You might want to check it when you have time. The CIP is located in the shared folder.
  • Please add October 31 to your newsletters as a day that students can dress as their favorite book character. They can not wear a mask and they need to carry their book with them. We will be doing a book parade through the building at 2:30.