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Life as a football star after collag

Peton manning was born on march 24 1976.He played football for 23 years counting collag years to.Arter collag he went right to the NBA he sined in and aplide for a football lege the indinapolas colts got the first pike and they piked peton as there new Quarter Back.soon after he joined he won the super bole.But after about 14 years he played for the colts and then he was treded to the broncoes and the colts where very dissiponted but after a matter of time the new quater back for the colts was andrue luke.

Why is Peton manning inpotant to indiana

Peton manning is inpotant to indiana because he had played for the indiana colts for 14 years and even thow he had been treded to the broncoes he has a peyton manning hospitol. And he sill comes to indiana once a wiel.

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Peyton mannings family

Peton manning has 2 brothers and a mom and dad and he has some kids of his own a boy and a girl And he is marred to ashley tomson also nown as ashley manning
Peyton manning is famose for his sports skills. He played in the nachenal football lege also none as the NFL. Peyton manning is a talented quorter back for the denver broncoes and peyton manning also pleyedfor the indinapoles colts for 14 years. Peyon atended isidor newman high school in new orlendes. He was a good student. After finishin collag peyton dissided to play profeshinal footballso he enterd the 1998 NFL draft. The indianapoles colts got the first pick. They chose peyton. Peytons first seson as an NFL was in 1998 right away he became the staring quorter back.