Learning Reflection


What is it?

It is the most convenient presentation software and storytelling cool.

What important things should I know?

First,you need choose a background image.Second,you need write title.Third,you need select a module for editing,such as choose a picture and you can change the picture colour.

What new thing I learned.

There is no set rule to Prezi. You can change anything you want and copy anything you like.

How to Use Prezi (Updated with Prezi's New Look & Features)


What is it?

Mobile terminal Slideshow,make picture more beautify,perfect.

How to change the background?

To set the background,right-click on the image,click on add-ons and then on background.

How to make do that?

Set a picture and you need write something.

How to create animated presentations. PowToon - The PowerPoint Alternative


What is this?

Creating animated presentations and animated videos.

How to make it?

You can choose images,movement,music,a voiceover,and much more...then you need

write a short story.

How to make people move?

You need take a picture