RRSD Community Update

September 13, 2021

District #35 Happenings

We are off and rolling! The start to the school year has had several pot holes and speed bumps brought on by the pandemic, but we continue to travel the road ahead and make progress towards our goal of improving student achievement. Sometimes the bumpiest roads lead to the greatest places.

Pot Holes and Speed Bumps:

  • Delayed the start of RRJSHS by one week due to a staff shortage.
  • Quarantines continue to impact all schools. The more people that are vaccinated and wear their masks properly, the fewer people who will get sick and/or quarantined.
  • A shortage of bus drivers has lead to some scrambling in our bus routes. Please have patience with First Student through this challenge. They are working hard to find more drivers.

Celebrations and Successes:

  • We are on site all day, every day!!!!
  • When I toured the schools last week, I saw kids of all ages eager and excited to be in the classrooms with their teachers.
  • Fall Sports are back! We had (and won!) our first home football game of the year. This week the HS has a home volleyball game on Thursday and another home football game Friday evening. Come out and support our student athletes.


  • RRJSHS vice principal Tori Kirkpatrick has been an all star for the district all summer. Her amazing work continues into this fall. She is the glue that held the JSHS together during our transition to a new principal. She does too many amazing things to highlight here. Trust me; she is amazing!
  • Our summer school coordinators did an terrific job planning and running our summer programs. Because of their work and the work of all the teachers and support staff, we had a wonderful summer program for our all ages of students. Kudos to: Paige Galpin, Lauren Lancaster, Lauren Arnold, Sarah Wicks, and Holly Mee-Musillo.