Internet Safety Tips

How to Stay Safe

Tip #1

Never share you personal information with anyone who you do not know in person.

Tip #2

Never make plans with somebody you do not already know in person.

Tip #3

Make sure to never be online for more than an hour a day.

Tip #4

Make sure to check your social media everyday to make sure that nobody is making fun of you and not posting terrible stuff of you that isn't true.

Tip #5

Make sure you know that anything you post online will stay online for ever and anyone can see it.

Tip #6

Make sure that you don't let you kid play online without an adult nearby to see what they are doing.

Tip #7

When you make your screen name or username do not use your name or your date of birth.

Tip #8

If you have a password for an account of any kind make sure to never give your password out to anybody other than your parents.

Tip #9

Don't respond to a mean text or message that has been sent to you just show an adult and say nothing.

Tip #10

Another thing that may help you is never click on any online ads or buy anything online unless you are visiting a site like Amazon.


Please use all of these tips as they might help you in your future life.