True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle

Just a "short" summary

The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle Book Trailer by Erika Miller

Edward Irving Wortis (Avi)

Avi was born on December 23, 1937. He is an American author that writes books for young adults and children. He grew up with his twin sister (also an author)and there parents in New York City. He won a Newberry medal award and was a runner up twice for the Newberry honor award. He has 2 children that are both grown up. Now he lives in Denver,Colorado with his wife.

Just a Few Charecters in the Book

The Main Charecters

Charlotte Doyle- The main charecter and also the most important charecter. Charlotte was just a regular girl that was born in America. Her family has been living in England for 6-13 years. She went to a school for proper girls in England.

Captain Jaggery- The captain of the ship Charlotte went on. A very reliegious man but very cruel. I cannot tell you much right now about him or it would give out the book.

Mr.Hollybrass- The first mate of the ship. Very suspicous but in the end shows his true self.

Mr.Keetch- The second mate of the ship. Tells the captian every single detail of the crew.

Seems nice but really he isn't.

Zachariah- A nice and caring person. The only black man on the ship. The cook of the crew.

A sneak peek of the book.

Just a short summary.

Charlotte was just a normal girl living in England with her father. She went to a school for proper girls where they learn how to be proper ladies. One day her father had to go back to America for an important reason. Charlotte was told to stay in England so she could go to school there.

A couple years later her father told her to come back to America. Charlotte had to go on a ship with 2 other families on the Seahawk. The 2 families never showed up, so Charlotte had to go on the ship alone. At first she didn't want to go on the ship because it was full of men. (Because she said it wasn't proper to go on a ship with only men.) But the more she thought of it she just had to go on it.

Charlotte had a small room with just a bed and a small desk. There was no room for her trunk of clothes. Everyday she had to go below the deck to get her clothes.

Later on in the book Charlotte wanted to be accepted like the crew. So she would do what Captain Jaggery told her to do. The crew accepted her and now she stays with the crew in the fore yard.

By the time she got home to her family she has changed alot. her parents thought she was crazy. her father thought she wasn't paying attention in class at the school for better girls in England. So she left her family.