What it is and how you can avoid it!

What is malware?

Malware is any malicious software.

What are the different types of malware?

There are 3 main types of malware, which are:

  • Viruses- Viruses copy themselves, but then need contact to spread. These used to be spread by floppy disks or drives, but now it can even be spread over the internet. A virus usually deletes system files, and makes it so that your computer won't work the way it's supposed to.
  • Trojan Horses- Trojan Horses seem legitimate, but then they allow access to someone else. These may be be an extra little program that may come attached to something like a movie, music, or a game when you download it. This little program will allow the person behind it to access your computer and do whatever they want to it.
  • Spyware- Spyware are programs that secretly obtain your personal information.

How can avoid becoming a victim of malware?

There are several ways that a person can avoid becoming a victim of malware. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Installing antivirus software
  • Installing a firewall
  • Using common sense while using their computer