One Class to Success

Just so you know(:

Just so you know(: Classroom Relationship

Teaching and learning effectively demands consistency and goals oriented work. Students need to have objective, meaningful activities that enhance their learning potential. They have to know what to do before, during, and after an activity. I have stressed to my class how essential is to focus on assigned jobs and to avoid disruptions in order to realize learning goals. I have set high expectations and they are aware of that. There is no doubt in mind that they will succeed at any assignment by following these procedures. With this in mind, there are some procedures we are considering to implement in our classroom. I will teach, practice, and reinforce with my students every one of them to make sure they know them, rehearsal them, and put them into practice.

I guarantee that their academic skills will improve tremendously by following these procedures. I appreciate that you discuss the procedure with your child and make sure they commit to following them. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me before or after school or by calling at the office.

Beginning of the day/ Transition

Each student will be greeted every morning with either a handshake, a hug, or a high five. This will be their choice! Have your child thinking about this, and it is okay to change it from day to day(:

Between every activity during our transition each student will be expected to sit on the carpet quietly and to await further instructions.

Every single day

Every single day each student will be expected to:

Place person items away

Getting their bell work done in a timely manner

Every single day I will be expected to:

Greet each student at the door

Having bell work for everyone to complete

Have the lesson objectives and assignments posted on the front whiteboard

These things are expected each and every day. Everything will be consistent.

The five P Procedures

  1. Prompt
  2. Prepared
  3. Positive
  4. Productive
  5. Polite

Discipline refers to BEHAVIOR. Procedures refer to getting things DONE. We will practice, rehearse,reinforce these procedures until they become a routine. With these procedures we will grow a safe and comfortable learning environment, so that every student will be successful. These will be posted in the class for the students to see every single day.


We have a star chart in our classroom, where students are recognized for the good work they are doing. I do not take stars away, it is just a reward system not a discipline system.