Three Things I learned

Information Processing

How Google Chrome Works

Google Chrome works faster than other internet accesses. You can open up to one-hundred tabs at once and still not effect the speed. Google Chrome has less clicks to get to anything. When using Google Chrome you can have an account were all your apps, bookmarks, and extensions will be saved when you sync to different computers.

How to make a Webpage

When making a webpage you should ask for some help from someone who actually knows what their doing. Without that person you can make a lot of mistakes. While you make a webpage be sure to not put any personal information on because people can use that against you.

Some Fun Things we did



If you get bored while taking notes in class, some friends and i found out something cool. While messing around taking notes we found out how to make it look like were paying attention when were really messing around. If you don't get caught it lots of fun.