Elijah Lovejoy

A Hero Among Slavery

Childhood & Early Education

Elijah Lovejoy was born on November 7, 1802. Lovejoy's father was a forth generation preacher. So by the age of 5, Lovejoy could read the whole bible and write about it. He attended a weathly school system. Later moved on to college.

Adulthood & Family

Lovejoy graduated from Monmouth Acamemy in 1820, then from China Academy in 1823 where he became a mathematician and studied Latin language. Then went to Waterville College in Maine. Later graduating in 1826 at the top of the class. He began teaching at China Academy the year later. In 1835 he was married and had two kids.


Lovejoy always believed that blacks and whites were equal. He wanted slavery to end, this motivated him. So he started adding anti slavery opinoins and quotes in his newspapers. In 1836, having over 4 printing presses, he started adding in what slavery really was and what the people can do to end it. He started changing people's perspective on slavery in the North but the South didn't agree.
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Accomplishments & Death

Lovejoy changed a lot of people's perspective about slavery throughout his lifetime. And he helped to encourage the North to end slavery. Unfortunately, a mob of pro slavers traveled to Lovejoy's house on November 9, 1837. They torched it. The house in timbers, Lovejoy gave his family time to escape the mob, though he couldn't escape himself. The leader brought out his shotgun, then shot Lovejoy five times in the back, he died instantly.
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Elijah Lovejoy's legacy was that he changed many people, some even had slaves that they freed because of him. And he helped get rid of slavery in the North forever. If he would have lived a little longer, he could have helped persuade the South too.