Food Every Day

Italian food

About the resaurant

Food Every Day sells delicious Italian food for under 10 dollars. There is a playground for the children.


$3:00 Garlic Bread

white bread covered with warm butter and garlic

$3:50 Pasta

shell shaped pasta with a creamy sauce


$5:00 Mushroom Sausage Ragu

spaghetti with spicy Italian sausage, mushroom, cream, tomatoes with mozzarella cheese sauce

$4:50 Linguini Seafood Stew

beautiful stew with pasta, prawns, fish, muscles, squid in a tomato sauce with basil


$2:50 Zeppole

delicious fried cookies made with ricotta cheese, also known as Italian doughnuts

$3:00 Double Chocolate Biscotti

a sweet chocolate cookie topped with white icing