The Industrial Revolution

Zerek Waters

What was the Industrial revolution?

The industrial revolution was a time period when many people traveled in search of a job. Also while people where working other people where making a impact on the environment by by inventing things. Also back then in the industrial revolution it was a period when the jobs and factories went from man to machine. When the industrial revolution started young people had to work at young ages.

Inventors and Their Inventions

Eli Whitney was the inventor of the cotton gin which picked seeds out of raw cotton faster than an ordinary person, so that meant more clothes where made. Alexander graham bell was the inventor of the telephone which had 2 parts one which went to your ear, and another part that went up to your mouth, so this invention was used for instant communication. Dr. Richard Gatling was the inventor of the Gatling machine gun which was invented to shoot faster, and you did not have to reload a lot. So this invention made a impact on the world by using the gun for protection.

Child Labor

Back then the child labor law was not in place, so that meant kids at young ages were working and were earning very little pay. Some of the children in the factories had diseases so that meant they were passed around, and often kids might die in the factories by the machines or how they managers treated them. Plus some of the children did not even have families or did not have places or houses to stay in.

Assembly Line

What I observed about the assembly line was that more than one person working on the same thing, is faster than one person working by his self. One of the first people to use the assembly line was Henry Ford. But some people were not most successful with the assembly line, because if people start lacking on their job the assembly line will start to get messed up.