Majestic's Back To School Checklist

July 27, 2015

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Camp was awesome! Thank you for your hard work and determination. Please enjoy the photos I've included at the bottom of this flyer. :)

Majestic To-Do-List

The following items must be taken care of by the first day of school:

1 - Doctor Physical Forms - every Majestic must have a current physical form on file in order to participate. Hard copies of the form were sent home on the last day of camp. Please bring this to school with you on the first day. It is also located on the FPMS Athletics page, if you need an additional copy.

2 - Pay any outstanding fees. I will be emailing those of you that still owe for line camp and/or the team uniform.

3 - Review all camp videos and be ready to work on those during the first week of school. We will NOT reteach the routines, but we will 'review' them. They are currently located on the old website (we will try to move them to the new site shortly).

4 - Put your name in everything with permanent ink. Label shoes, shorts, pants, make-up bags, t-shirts, poms, etc. Just make sure to mark it in a place that will not be noticeable when the article is being worn.

5 - Register as a user of our new website so that we can communicate from that email database. You can access it by clicking here:

6 - Register to receive messages from Remind: Text @majestic to 81010.

7 - You may also want to look at our twitter page for additional updates: @coach_mabry.

A Message from your Sr. Lieutenant

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Marissa Gilbert, Sr. Lieutenant

Hi, my name is Marissa Gilbert and I will be one of your officers on this years team. In my past dance experience, I have taken classes on and off again since I was little. Although, my first real learning was in 6th grade dance class, which allowed me to see that dancing was a passion I truly wanted to continue. Being on the Majestic's dance team is an honor to me. We all share great characteristics and values, as well as a sisterhood that gives us communication and teamwork. This opportunity is special to me because not only do I learn more every day, but I can express myself in a way without words, through dance. However, my journey wasn't easy. I have to say that during line camp last year, I was scared out of my mind. I had many worries and lacked confidence. But what I have learned over time is that it's ok to make mistakes. How else would we learn? My advice to you is not to strive to be perfect, but the best version of yourself as a dancer and person. I can't wait to get to know all of you next year! I'm especially excited to watch y'all in the position I was in last year, and see you become better each day. In conclusion, you should definitely enjoy every single moment this year- it will go by in a snap!

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