Strings & Things Newsletter

November 11, 2020

Being Grateful in 2020

In this edition we have information about November 2020-January 2021 Orchestra dates/events. We are preparing solos for the SCMEA Orchestra Division Solo & Ensemble event, our music for a pre-recorded Winter Concert, and Region Orchestra Auditions. First...I wanted to be fluffy and talk about being grateful right now in the season of COVID:

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and I was interested if walking around as a grateful person helps any of us. After a little digging around I found out that in fact, being grateful promotes quite a few things like a good night's sleep (fall asleep faster), our overall health and psychological well-being, and increases energy levels. In fact, studies suggest that people who take stock of all the things they are grateful for are less depressed, do better in school or at work, and are much happier. What are you waiting for? Start making that list! They even say that people who are grateful may even exercise more...waiting for that one to hit. ;)

Help me make this list of all the things I am grateful for (Yes, that includes you!)

  • My health and that of my friends and family
  • The companionship of my family, husband, and new baby niece, Sophia (You're apart of my extended family!) What family members help you be GREAT?
  • Students even though we can't be together each day we enjoy the time we do have and maximize it to the fullest!
  • Google Meet & Zoom, technology (keeps us closer when we are far)
  • A winning JICHS football season--our FIRST in 10 years. (Go JaQuan!!)
  • Tink (my fur baby, and aallll those fish)
  • Playing my instrument(s) daily with our students and in and around Charleston
  • Rehearsal! I really enjoy hearing you improve daily. Wow :)
  • Having everything I need
  • Healthy Food
  • Fall weather
  • Our "What's Good" sessions each day. I love hearing about all the things that excite you and make you happy
  • Being a better human each day.
  • Serving my community in a positive way.
  • Hope that the end of 2020 will be good and 2021 has so many good things in store for us.
  • What are you grateful for? What have you overcome this year that makes you hopeful?

Dig deep and I know you can remind yourself that amid a pandemic and a tumultuous political climate that there is beauty, lots of life and many blessings to count. Hang in there and I am thinking of all of your families as you navigate a challenging time.

This is what we have been getting into in class recently:

  • We are still Shifting, shifting, shifting and scales/arpeggios weekly. We are getting SO good at this. Practice makes perfect!
  • Concert Orchestra: Mythos, Dramatic Essay (joint piece), Elegy & Dance, and SOLOS (we are on our second or third one).
  • Chamber Orchestra: Dramatic Essay (joint piece), Minotaur, Across the Wind, first or second Solos, and Region Orchestra auditions.

Our Strings kids are amazing. They are positive, patient, kind, 100% ALL In, communicative, hard-working, and terrific. I can't say enough good things. I can't wait until we have our socially distant rehearsals together beginning next week. Please communicate with me directly if there is a schedule conflict.

As always, I appreciate all of you, your children and their talent, and your support so much!


Andrea K. Quinn

JICHS Orchestra Director

JICHS Performing Arts Chair