Columbian Exchange

By:Sophie Vidrine:)

The Columbian Exchange

The columbian exchange was a great idea because we would not be able to make many, many, meals without the columbian exchange.Also the columbian exchange traded animals like horses and sheep.

Great Things About The Columbian Exchange Are:

  • They shared animals and food to make different meals
  • Because they shared animals , the horse could be used as a wepon
  • They could make warm things out of animal fur or make things to make it cooler

The Columbian Exchange Is Not All Good:

Dont Be A person that hates the Columbian Exchange :

I vote for the columbian Exchange

In 1493, Columbus began swapping Old and New World plants and animals along with weeds, and germs. As a result, both the Old and New Worlds were changed.This event changed culture,reigion,and the way we americans eat.

dont be agianst the columbian exchange

Columbian exchange is a speical event.You wouldnt have candy with out it!:0Many Many Many meals wouldnt be possible with out the COLUMBIAN EXCHANGE!!!!!!!!
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